Finished Éowyn and Lloyd  Minifigures

The Finished Minifigures: Éowyn, Dernhelm, and Lloyd

Here are all the decals cut out and ready to apply. Each piece is set up on a stand to dry on its own. A few of the pieces require multiple decals so those have to be put on in stages, adding even more drying time.

Decals cut out and ready to be applied

The next step is a quick dip in distilled water.

A quick dip for Eowyn’s torso decal

Then comes the placement of the decal with a cotton swab. I slid the decal off the backing right onto the torso piece. Then I applied decal solution.

Positioning the decal with a cotton swab dipped in decal solution and tweezers to hold it steady

After the decal setting solution I applied decal softening to help the decal adhere better to curved sections like the center of the hips. Tweezers are really useful for these tiny pieces. Getting the decals in the right position is a delicate process. This piece and the Dernhelm helmet were the most difficult.

Decal applied and softened

And now everything is applied and set out to dry overnight. Then I applied a series of clear acrylic spray coats to make the minifigures more durable.

Decals applied and set out to dry

And finally the completed minfigures!

Éowyn rear view

Éowyn rear view without hairpiece

Éowyn front view


Dernhelm front view

Dernhelm rear view

Dernhelm sitting with poseable legs

Dernhelm rear view without cape

Fedora Lloyd front view

Fedora Lloyd rear view

View from the font

View from the back