New Distraction: Monofigures

I’ve lately been distracted by my newest LEGO obsession: monofigures. In fact I’ve been so distracted I haven’t finished posting my custom Ninjago minifigures. So, a break from that to post about monofigures. When I received my 40178 LEGO VIP set last year it came with a red monofigure and I thought, “That’s neat, but I’ll

Custom Incognito Jay Minifigure

After finishing my custom Skales Jr. minifigure I was ready to move on to my next project, all of the Ninjago ninjas in their casual disguises. I started with Jay. Jay was by far the easiest of the ninjas to gather the basic parts to create.  I collected a blue torso, blue legs, and a blue

Minifigure Customizing with Decals

After finishing all those hairpieces, the next step in my LEGO customizing adventure was decals. I spent a lot of time reading various articles and watching some videos on how to apply decals, but that may have been a procrastination technique. Actually applying the decals seemed so intimidating. I decided to start with a simple